FREE; a mirage!

There's this peculiar joy and gladness that fills our heart when we see FREE as a cost of a product or a service. The dopamine rush through our body makes us feel safer and much relaxed at such occasions.What if what we see becomes deceiving? Have we been in the middle of receiving a product … Continue reading FREE; a mirage!


MARRIAGE AMBITION.Emeka is a very handsome and hardworking young man, he is the apple of many young ladies eyes, though he is still in his twenties, but his body stature shows a great kind of maturity that far exceeds his age, his behaviour too is an epitome of maturity. Emeka has taken time to observe … Continue reading MARRIAGE AMBITION


FEAR. What a dismal experience we mortal have been through at one point or the other, it's name says it all 'FEAR' (FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL). It has made so many loose most of their rarest opportunities, it has led young and extraordinary talents to the grave unharnessed, like a thief by the night it … Continue reading Fear!


LifeLife, oh! what a great experience without a written guideline to its vicissitudes, a pilgrimage in which wisdom is accrued to grey hairs and garnered experiences, a journey that is quite unpredictable but is faced with much optimism by sanguines of success, an experience with so much mystery, adorned with so much levels to individuals … Continue reading LIFE

WHEN WORDS HURT: Deep delve into the mind and mental health.

*Introduction* I define words as thoughts prescribed as letters (don't mind my medical jargon🌝). So many school of thoughts, dictionaries and great minds have tried to define words in so many ways. As it regards mental health....I'll say words are essential vocal tools that are capable of transforming the mind of its listener. Mental health … Continue reading WHEN WORDS HURT: Deep delve into the mind and mental health.